SUBALBUM:  Baroness Julia Mary Carew

There is almost no genealogical or background information about her, although her husband, Robert Shapland George Julian Carew, is well-documented. Her terse article from thepeerage follows, "Julia Mary Lethbridge  F, #203433, d. 28 September 1922 

Julia Mary Lethbridge was the daughter of Albert Arthur Erin Lethbridge and Jane Hill. She married Robert Shapland George Julian Carew, 3rd Baron Carew, son of Robert Shapland Carew, 2nd Baron Carew and Emily Anne Philips, on 27 June 1888 at St. George's Church, St. George Street, Hanover Square, London, England. She died on 28 September 1922.

After her marriage, Julia Mary Lethbridge was styled as Lady Carew on 27 June 1888. From 27 June 1888, her married name became Carew."

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