ca. 1885 (estimated by ages of children) Gisela and her family by Joseph Albert

She had four children, all present and accounted for here, the last, Konrad, in 1883.

Posted to the Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forums by Marie_Valerie on 23 May 2006.

Compare what Gisela wears in this photo to her 1872 photo; the decorations are on the fabric; no ruffles, no flounces, no frills. Big bustles came back in 1884 so Princess Elisabeth is hiding a large expanse of her mother's dress. Another version of this image posted on dates it to 1885.

Keywords:  1885, Albert - Joseph, Archduchess Gisela, Habsburg family, Wittelsbach family, Grand Duchess, Princess, German, feathered hat, high neckline, jacket bodice, cuirasse bodice, long close sleeves, bustle, tablier, drapery, under-skirt, bracelets, shoes

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