1862 Princess Alexandra of Wales by Hansen of Copenhagen

Upgrade image posted 3 July 2016 from eBay; removed spots with Photoshop and removed sepia tone, increased contrast and fixed size at 13.36 cm high at 78.74 pixels/cm. The eBay posting dated this to 1863, but see the caption below this image.

1862 Princess Alexandra by Hansen of Copenhagen eBay detint despot increased contrast fixed size at 13.36 cm high at 78.74 pixels:cm

The next image was posted before the first posting of this image, the parent photo for the print seen there.

Keywords:  1862, Hansen, Queen Alexandra, Alexandra of Denmark, Princess of Wales, Queen of the United Kingdom, Glucksberg family, Welf family, Wettin family, Princess, Queen, Danish, long straight hair, high neckline, collar, bow tie, jacket bodice, buttons, revers, pagoda sleeves, waist band, vee waistline, crinoline, earrings, bracelets

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