Alexandra wearing a pardessus

From; removed spots and flaws with Photoshop and removed sepia tone, filled in shadows, and enlarged by one quarter.

Alexandra wearing a pardessus From detint shadows despot deflaw X 1.25

A woman’s trunk protrudes above the dome of her crinoline creating a problem of how to protect her from the elements and still look elegant. The answer is a conical upper garment with sleeves, a paletot if without fur and a pardessus if with fur, like this one.

Keywords:  Queen Alexandra, Alexandra of Denmark, Princess of Wales, Queen of the United Kingdom, Glucksberg family, Welf family, Wettin family, Princess, Queen, curly coiffure, fur hat, pardessus, high enclosing neckline, fur collar, fur-trimmed, long full sleeves, crinoline

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