Albumette:  Princess Alexandra's wedding

Queen Alexandra's gorgeous wedding dress is a benchmark for comparing other wedding dresses, even today. Wikipedia has an article devoted to the dress here, including this excerpt:

“...The dress was made of white satin trimmed with orange blossoms, myrtle and puffs of tulle and Honiton lace. It had a similarly trimmed 21 feet (6.4 m) silver moiré train which was carried by eight young ladies aged 15 to 20. The lace was designed by Miss Tucker and executed by Messrs. John Tucker and Co. of Branscombe, near Sidmouth, and comprised a suite of four deep flounces with matching lace veil, train trimming and handkerchief. The pattern of the lace depicted cornucopias filled with roses, shamrocks and thistles, arranged in festoons, and interspersed with the same plant motifs. As a wedding gift the Princess had received a suite of Brussels lace for her gown, but in accordance with Queen Victoria's wishes, English-made lace was substituted.

To accessorise the dress and veil Alexandra wore a wreath of orange blossom and myrtle, and carried a bouquet, supplied by Mr. J. Veitch, of orange blossoms, white rosebuds, lily of the valley, orchids, and myrtle. Her jewellery comprised a pearl necklace, earrings and brooch given by the Prince of Wales; an opal and diamond bracelet given by the Queen; another diamond bracelet given by the ladies of Leeds; and an opal and diamond bracelet given by the ladies of Manchester..."

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