1891 Print Prince and Princess of Wales and family

The men are as interesting as the Ladies. Albert Victor, in line to the throne, died of influenza in a pandemic that lated from 1889 to 1892. He was involved in a sex scandal and has been nominated as a candidate Jack the Ripper. His Wikipedia article includes this, "Conspiracy theories surrounding Albert Victor's death—that he died of syphilis or poison, that he was pushed off a cliff on the instructions of Lord Randolph Churchill or that his death was faked to remove him from the line of succession—are fabrications. Albert Victor's mother, Alexandra, never fully recovered from her son's death and kept the room in which he died as a shrine." The nation was shocked by the sudden loss.

His brother George was then in line for throne as George V and also claimed Albert Victor's fiancée, May of Teck.

From eBay; sepia tone removed by gogm.

1891 Print Prince and Princess of Wales and family EB detint

This Wales family portrait shows several aspects of 1891 fashion:

•     Curly coiffures are in style,

•     Cuirasse bodices are still acceptable,

•     Day dress requires covering the body from the below the chin using a chemisette (blouse) although the garment above can have any sort of neckline,

•     Long sleeves are required,

•     High necklines are decorated with pins,

•     Vee waistlines are in style, sometimes as part of cummerbunds, and

•     A-line skirts are in style.

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