Leonie Jerome and Winston Spencer Churchill

Sister of Jennie Jerome, Lady Randolph Churchill, her article in thepeerage is here.

From travelers411.com/forums/album.php?albumid=565&pictureid=5834; blotches in background fixed with Photoshop and sepia tone removed.

Leonie Jerome and Winston Spencer Churchill From travelers411.com/forums/album.php?albumid=565&pictureid=5834

Jennie's skirt relies on drapery and folding to achieve effect instead of flounces and frills. Her dress also has a graceful bustle.

Keywords:  Leonie Jerome, Leslie family, British, straight coiffure, ribboned hat, chemisette, high enclosing neckline, long under-sleeves, cuffs, buttons, jacket bodice, lapels, cuirasse bodice, long tight over-sleeves, full skirt, drapery, bustle

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