Queen of Saxony by Otto Mayer Dresden

From eBay; removed spots and flaws and adjusted margins with Photoshop and removed monocolor tint.

Queen of Saxony by Otto Mayer Dresden eBay detint despot deflaw adjust margins

Otto Mayer took this photo of Carola wearing a columnar dress with substantial lace and frills suggesting the later 1870s.

Keywords:  Queen Carola of Saxony, Carola Vasa, Vasa family, Wettin family, German, Saxony, straight coiffure, bun, bangs, lace cap, lace-trimmed bodice, high enclosing neckline, pin, tucker, quarter length notched upper sleeves, lace elbow length lower sleeves, lace cuffs, bracelets, vee waistline, close skirt, bustle, lace flounces, tassels, fur-trimmed wrap

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