1887 Members of the Four in Hand Club on parade in Hyde Park, published in The Graphic

This is a window into Late Victorian Society. Most vertebrate species exhibit sexual dimorphism. Fashion dictates how humans display sexual dimorphism. Males sprout abundant facial hair while females have hourglass figures provided by corsets. Male status is higher - the women on horses wear masculine dress with dark colors and high top hats. A major technological limit of horse power is evident in the lap covers worn by both sexes on the carriages. The automobile was initially haled as the solution to a mountainous solid waste problem in cities.

The event could also be seen as a concours d'elegance or rally with fancy carriages and big steeds instead of badges featuring snorting bulls, prancing stallions, and checkered flags.

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1887 Members of the Four in Hand Club on parade in Hyde Park, published in The Graphic

The dress of a woman on foot to the left has an over dress with lapels and top, buttons in between, and is open below to become an over-skirt. Her hat is pointed at both ends, a compact bicorne, like that of the woman atop the closest carriage. The other women wear equestrian outfits that show just a little upturn in the sleeves.

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