1885 Princess of Wales Committee of the National Aid Society The Graphic print

From l. to r. in the front:  Duchess Buccleuch, Lady Loyd-Lindsay, and Marchioness Salisbury; in the back:  The Duchess of Marlborough, Mrs. W. Wilton Phipps, Miss Higgins, Miss Morck(?), Countess Morley, Lady Louisa Egerton, Countess Brownlow, Princess of Wales Alexandra, Countess Mowbery, and Lucy Gower(?). The Duchess of Marlborough is Frances Anne Emily Vane Churchill, grandmother of Sir Winston Churchill.

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The hourglass figures, high enclosing necklines, and long tight sleeves are standard while the manner in which the Duchess of Buccleuch and Lady Loyd-Lindsay stow their bustles while they sit can be seen. A few more ladies wear curly coiffures than straight ones and more appear to wear hats than not.

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