1885 Lady Sophie Allenby

According to http://www.cartes.fsnet.co.uk/prints/prints1.htm, "These six prints were produced for the Supplement to This Week's Life in 1885. Two are reproduced from photographs and the others from sketches.

Apart from being superb images they have the advantage of being dated and so give an indication of how the fashionable lady dressed in the summer and Autumn of 1885."

This particular image is a sketch 

Lady Allenby is shown displaying her fine figure and assets embellished with a lace-enhanced bodice in this 1885 picture.

Keywords:  1885, British, curly coiffure, tiara, scoop décolletage, revers, elbow length tight sleeves, lace, cuirasse bodice, A-line skirt, bustle, drapery, necklace, earrings, bracelets

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