1883 Frances Margaret Lawrence (d.1940), Lady Vernon by Jules Joseph Lefebvre (Sudbury Hall - Sudbury, Ashbourne, Derbyshire)

According to links in her genealogical sketch, Frances Margaret’s sister Kitty Lanier married W. Averell Harriman who played an important diplomatic role in World War II and later became Governor of New York state. The USSR took advantage of Mr. Harriman when it presented him with a wooden Great Seal of the United States that had a Theremin resonant cavity that responded to acoustic vibrations in speech by influencing microwaves beamed towards it by the USSR. It bugged the US Ambassador’s office from 1945 until it was found in 1951. It was dusted off and paraded before the UN in 1960 in response to the USSR gloating after they shot down a US U-2 spy place.

Her article in thepeerage is here

According to his Wikipedia article, Jules Joseph Lefebvre had numerous American pupils, but I cannot find out if he came to the USA and painted Frances Margaret while in Europe or the USA.

From artuk.org.

Frances Margaret Lawrance (d.1940), Lady Vernon

This portrait dates to before her marriage, helping to explain the lack of jewelry. Her dress has a separate bustle.

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