1880 Elizabeth Cavendish, née Dickinson and her son Tyrell by Mary Lemon Waller (auctioned by Sotheby's)

According to her Wikipedia article, Tyrell was Elizabeth Cavendish's only child. They had two children, one of whom survived to adulthood, before he was lost on the Titanic in 1912. She lived until 1933.

From the Sotheby's Web site.

Lady Elizabeth's dress has a bustle - just barely. An 1871 dress would have a bigger bustle and many more flounces. Her bustle and skirt are subtle triumphs of drapery and seamstress work.

Keywords:  1880. Waller, Elizabeth Cavendish, Elizabeth Dickinson, British, straight coiffure, quarter length tight sleeves, cuffs, bustle, train, close skirt, necklace, earrings, bracelets

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