1880 Countess Clancarty by Bassano

According to Wikipedia this is, "Adeliza Georgiana Le Poer Trench (née Hervey), Countess of Clancarty (17 August 1843 – 7 November 1911) an English noblewoman born in Ickworth, Suffolk, England to Frederick William Hervey, 2nd Marquess of Bristol and Lady Katherine Isabella Manners. On 29 November 1866 Adeliza married Richard Somerset Le Poer Trench, 4th Earl of Clancarty. They had three children." Clancarty is composed of Counties Galaway and Cork, Eire that, at least in the 21st century are not contiguous.

Posted to Live Journal lamodeillustrée blog by katmax1 on 10 July 2010; detail-enhanced by gogm. I also removed spots throughout the image with Photoshop.

The bodice pleats of the Romantic era have been turned vertically to form criss-crossing panels of the neckline on Countess Clancarty's 1880 dress. Her dress is sleeveless and it has a bertha composed of saw tooth-shaped outcroppings peeking out from under the pleated panels. The edges of the flounces of her underskirt are also saw toothed. Unfortunately, the waistline area is covered.

Keywords:  1880, Bassano, Countess, straight coiffure, vee neckline, bows, pleated bodice, bertha, sleeveless, bustle, close skirt, under-skirt, flounces, train, fan

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