1876 Mademoiselle X, Marquise Anforti by Charles-Émile-Auguste Carolus Duran (Musée Cambrai - Cambrai, Nord department France)

Upgrade image posted 3 March 2013 from highvictoriana.tumblr.com/; a spot in the background removed with Photoshop and image made lighter by gogm.

The Marquise's décolletage may be daring, but her skirt is typical middle 1870s with a tight line and show case example of a cuirasse bodice.

Keywords: 1876, Carolus-Duran, Marquise, long straight coiffure, scoop décolletage, bows, strap sleeves, cuirasse bodice, bustle, train, drapery, flounces, shoes, gloves

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