Zinaida Yussupova wearing vee-neckline top

From antique-royals.tumblr.com; spots and flaws removed from the right image. The colorizer klimbims identified the photographer in the original caption for the next image.

Zinaida Yussupova wearing vee-neckline top From antique-royals.tumblr.com

Zinaida’s dress has a lace-enhanced high enclosing neckline. Does it come from her chemise or a partlet section built in to her bodice? The sleeves suggest mid-90s.

Keywords:  Nadar, Zinaida Yussupova (1861-1939), Princess Yussupov, Countess Sumarokov-Elston, Princess, Countess, Yussupov family, Sumarokov-Elston family, Russian, wavy coiffure, feathered hat, earrings, lace partlet, high enclosing neckline, choker necklace, pouter pigeon bodice, vee neckline, necklace, elbow length leg-o-mutton upper sleeves, lace cuffs, long tight lower sleeves, close sleeves, feather boa

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