Zinaida Yussupova standing holding parasol, including original

What does a gorgeous girl with an unlimited budget do? Why show it off, of course. And throw in a straw hat for a casual note.

There are two images from teatimeatwinterpalace.tumblr.com-page-35 here. The original is to the right. It was enlarged to double its size and the sepia tone was removed to produce the image on the left. The center image is from the same source, enlarged by half, and the sepia tone was removed.

Zinaida Yussupova standing holding parasol, including original From teatimeatwinterpalace.tumblr.com-page-35 X 2 detint

Her jacket has a collar, no lapels, vee waistline, and upturned sleeves suggesting this photo is from around 1890. She wears a high neck blouse.

Keywords:  Zinaida Yussupova (1861-1939), Princess Yussupov, Yussupov family, Sumarokov-Elston family, Princess, Countess, Russian, ribboned hat, earrings, chemisette, high enclosing neckline, waist band, necklace, pendant, jacket, collar, long close bishop sleeves, vee waistline, A-line skirt, parasol

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