1913 Russian formal dress (location ?)

Shutterstock has an image of this dress taken from a different angle with the caption, "Russian ball gown at the exhibit of vintage evening clothes. Satin and chiffon dress with machine made lace and bead embroidery applique. Antique brooch.” Use the phrase in quotes to find that photo and another one if at the Shutterstock site.

From pinterest.com/donelleswinney/classic-dresses/interest.com/donelleswinney/classic-dresses/.

1913 Russian formal dress (location ?) From pinterest.com:donelleswinney:classic-dresses:interest.com:donelleswinney:classic-dresses:

This dress appears to consist of an under-bodice-middle skirt under an on over-bodice - over-skirt and a satin under-skirt.

Keywords:  1913, Russian, under-bodice, modesty piece, vee neckline, quarter length notched close sleeves, cuffs, jeweled over-bodice, brooch, strap sleeves, waist band, lace-edged over-skirt, lace-edged middle skirt, train, tight under-skirt

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