1824 Varvara Petrovna Sheremeteva by Jakov Argunov (location ?)


From portret-maslom.ru/reproduktsii-kartin/a/argunov-yakov-ivanovich.html#prettyPhoto; print or mark in bottom center removed with Photoshop.

1824 Varvara Petrovna Sheremeteva by Jakov Argunov (location ?) From portret-maslom.ru:reproduktsii-kartin:a:argunov-yakov-ivanovich.html#prettyPhoto removed print

She wears short and straight hair under a ribbon and net hat that surrounds her face - an almost brimless bonnet.

Keywords:  1824, Argunov - Jacov, Varvara Sheremetev, Sheremetev family, Razumovsky family, Countess, Russian, straight coiffure, ribboned ruched cap, bows, dress, high neckline, close sleeves, lace-edged wrap

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