1776 Natalia Semyonovna Borschovo, in the first marriage - Musin-Pushkin, in the second - von der Hoeven by Dmitry Levitsky (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg)

Olga's Gallery has this writeup, "Borschova, Natalya Semenovna  (1758-1843) daughter of Semen Ivanovich Borschov. She studied in the Smolny Institute in 1764-1776, finishing it with a major gold medal, was very good in singing. In 1776 was appointed a maid of honor to Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna. In 1809 was appointed the Head (Hofmeisteress) of all the Maids of Honor of the Imperial court. She was awarded the Order of St. Catherine. She was married twice; her first husband was K. S. Musin-Pushkin. After his death, she married Major General Baron von der Hoven. She died in St. Petersburg and was buried in the Smolensk cemetery."

From bg-gallery.ru.

Natalia Borschovo wears a Rubenesque dress with basque waistline and farthingale-like skirt in this 1776 Levitsky Smolny Pupil portrait.

Keywords:  1776, Levitsky, Smolny Pupil, Pushkin family, Lady-in-waiting, Russian, shoes, theatrical dress

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