1775 Glafira Ivanovna Alymova, Lady-in-Waiting to the Empress Catherine the Great, by Dmitry Levitzky (State Russian Museum - St. Petersburg, Russia)

Catherine II comissioned portraits of girls in the Smolny Institute for Young Ladies, including outstanding harp player G. I. Alymova portrayed here by Levitsky. Olga's Gallery has this writeup about her, "Alymova, Glafira Ivanovna  (1758-1826) daughter of Colonel Ivan Akinfievich Alymov. She studied in the Smolny Institute and graduated with a gold medal; was one of the best harp players of her time. In 1776, she became maid of honor to Catherine II, later lady-in-waiting. Her first husband was A. A. Rzhevsky, author, freemason and vice director of the Academy of Science. Her second husband was I. P. Maskle, translator and later consul of Russia in Nice. She was awarded the Order of St. Catherine. She was buried in the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow."

An article about the Smolny Institute is here. Catherine II had to act to ensure that even aristocratic girls received a measure of education. We are scarcely 200 years from when such primitive conditions existed in the Western world and some wish to return to those nostalgic days of yore.

Upgrade image posted 27 August 2017 from Wikimedia; fixed left edge with Photoshop, filled in shadows, increased exposure, and adjusted tint so dress is whiter.

1776 Glafira Ivanovna Alymova by Dmitry Grigoryevich Levitsky (State Russian Museum - St. Petersburg, Russia) Wm fixed left edge shadows exp tint

The wide ruched band of Glafira Alymova’s dress appears to be confining her feet in this 1775 Levitsky portrait.

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