1884(?) Maria Pavlovna picture

Upgrade image posted 12 March 2016 from pinterest.com/katmaxoz/victorian-fashion-in-photos/ via pinterest.com/rinsen02/gran-duquesa-maria-pavlovna-romanov-reina-de-sueci/; sepia tone removed.

1884(?) Maria Pavlovna picture UPGRADE From pinterest.com:katmaxoz:victorian-fashion-in-photos: via pinterest.com:rinsen02:gran-duquesa-maria-pavlovna-romanov-reina-de-sueci: detint

This photo is dated 1884, but it probably dates from an earlier year, based on the apparently modest size of her bustle. 1884 was the year big bustles roared back into fashion. Her dress has a short cuirasse bodice that appears to run completely around the hips with the train emerging from it. This feature could overwhelm many wearers, but not Maria Pavlovna.

Keywords:  Grand Princess Maria Pavlovna the Elder, Marie Alexandrine von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Grand Princess Vladimir, Miechen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin family, Romanov family, Duchess, Grand Princess, Russian, curly coiffure, chemisette, high enclosing neckline, bows, jabot, cuirasse bodice, three quarter length close sleeves, engageantes, natural waistline, over-skirt, drapery, bracelets, fan

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