Grand Duchess Alexandra Petrovna

Does anyone know who painted this portrait or where it is located?

She had two children and her marriage collapsed. She was plain and not socially talented so she avoided court life. According to her Wikipedia article, "By 1870, nothing was left of her marriage except the bitterness. Resentment was the only response she could offer to her husband's unfaithfulness. Alexandra spent longer and longer periods in Kiev while her husband divided his time between his children with Alexandra and his second family. When the Grand Duke arranged a change of class into the gentry for his mistress and the couple’s illegitimate children, Alexandra Petrovna appealed to Alexander II to intervene, but she found her brother-in-law less than sympathetic. 'You see,' he bluntly told her, 'your husband is in the prime of his life, and he needs a woman with whom he can be in love. And look at yourself! See even how you dress! No man would be attracted.' After this encounter, however, Alexander did advise the Grand Duke to be more discreet and exiled (mistress) Catherine Chislova to Wenden, near Riga."

Her husband died in in 1891. Alexandra became a nun as 'Sister Anastasia' in 1889.

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Alexandra Petrovna shows how Russian court dress can be both opulent and beautiful at the same time. The jewelry and lace are shown with almost as much detail as López y Portaña showed in his portrait of Maria Cristina.

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