1860 Elena Pavlovna Bibikova, Princess Kochubey by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Walters Art Gallery - Baltimore, Maryland USA)

Upgrade image posted 28 November 2012 from Wikimedia.

Princess Kochubey wears black - a black crinoline almost completely drenched in her black lace shawl supplemented by black lace engageantes and a short black lace headdress. The Wikimedia page this image comes from has this description, " Winterhalter has depicted her in one of his customary formats, three-quarter length, nearly life-size, and painted against an overcast sky. She wears a black silk gown, black lace, and jewelry, including a necklace of large pearls, a pearl brooch with a large pendant pearl, a flexible, serpentine bracelet, and several rings."

Keywords:  1860, Winterhalter, Elena Pavlovna Bibikova, Princess, Russian, straight coiffure, lace headdress, off shoulder scoop neckline, modesty piece, off shoulder vee neckline, quarter length full sleeves, engageantes, lace, crinoline, necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelets, wrap

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