1852 Levitskaya Volkonskaya by Vasily Tropinin (location unknown to gogm)

Vasily Troponin did not portray many aristocrats in his prolific post-serfdom career. This sitter is not honored with a first or middle name. She was born a Levitsky and married a Volkonsky.

From bjws.blogspot.com/2012/10/russian-women-by-vasily-tropinin-1776.

Madame Levitskaya Volkonskaya wears a dress of green paisley patterned cloth. Her right arm is covered by a black lace wrap while her right arm shows seven or eight buttons decorating the lower sleeve.

Keywords:  1852, Tropinin, Levitsky family, Volkonsky family, Russian, straight coiffure, high neckline, collar, lace, long tight sleeves, buttons, vee waistline, full skirt, wrap

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