1777 The Honourable Frances Duncombe by Thomas Gainsborough (Frick Collection - New York City, New York USA)

This is her brief article from thepeerage, "Hon. Frances Duncombe F, #345830, b. 12 November 1757, d. 29 July 1827

Hon. Frances Duncombe was born on 12 November 1757. She married John Bowater, son of Edward Bowater, in 1778. She died on 29 July 1827 at age 69, without issue.

She was the daughter of Anthony Duncombe, 1st and last Lord Feversham, Baron of Downton and Frances Bathurst. From 1778, her married name became Bowater. She lived at Old Dalby Hall, Leicestershire, England."

Frances Duncombe appears to be dressed for a van Dyck revival event in this well-known Gainsborough portrait. Her high coiffure allows the portrait to be dated to approximately the 1770s.

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