Suzanne Curchod (Madame Jacques Necker) by Jean-Sifred Duplessis (Chateau de Coppet, Coppet Switzerland)

Mme. Necker, shown here in a Duplessis portrait, was one of the most celebrated salon hostesses in pre-Revolutionary Paris. She and her husband left in 1790 because her husband was Finance Minister to Louis XVI and made some major blunders early in the Revolutionary period. She did not like exile in Switzerland and died there in 1794. Her Wikipedia article is here. Her daughter was the famous Madame de Staël.

This Duplessis portrait of Madam Necker captures the essence of pre-Revolutionary French fashion with bouffant coiffure, gauzy cap, vee neckline with a fichu, tight sleeves, and retention of the full skirt with vee waistline.

Keywords:  Duplessis, French, long straight bouffant coiffure, cap, vee waistline, bows, fichu, elbow length tight sleeves, engageantes, lace, vee waistline, full skirt, over-skirt, ruching

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