Marie-Antoinette, archiduchesse d'Autriche, future Dauphine de France by Jean-Baptiste Charpentier and Joseph Ducreux (Versailles) Photo - Daniel Arnaudet


Her Wikipedia article includes this:  "Maria Antonia and her older sister, Maria Carolina, were the two youngest girls and were raised together. They shared the same governess until 1767. They became extremely close. She thoroughly enjoyed music and learned to play the harpsichord. She played for many people at the court. She also excelled at dancing – an accomplishment often remarked by those who saw her, whether friendly or hostile, having been carefully trained in it since her early youth. She had an 'exquisite' poise and a famously graceful deportment. She also loved dolls from when she was young, as captured by a family portrait in which seven-year-old 'sweet Antonia' excitedly holds up a doll dressed as fancily as she is. Numerous dolls arrived at the Hofburg as soon as Marie Antoinette turned thirteen, wearing miniature versions of the ball gowns, afternoon dresses, and gold-trimmed gowns proposed for her."

Marie-Antoinette was still a child in this portrait, she was born in 1755 so coiffures were reaching skyward while she was still a child.

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