SUBALBUM:  Lavinia Bingham

This is her article from thepeerage:  "Lady Lavinia Bingham1 F, #101427, b. 27 July 1762, d. 8 June 1831

Lady Lavinia Bingham was born on 27 July 1762 at Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland. She married George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer, son of John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer and Margaret Georgiana Poyntz, on 6 March 1781 at Charles Street, Mayfair, London, England. She died on 8 June 1831 at age 68 at Spencer House, St. James's Place, St. James's, London, England. She was buried at Brington, Northamptonshire, England.

She was the daughter of Charles Bingham, 1st Earl of Lucan and Margaret Smith. As a result of her marriage, Lady Lavinia Bingham was styled as Viscountess Althorp on 6 March 1781. From 6 March 1781, her married name became Spencer. As a result of her marriage, Lady Lavinia Bingham was styled as Countess Spencer on 31 October 1783.

Cockayne writes that "she was 'a woman of great beauty and intelligence, brilliance of conversation and charm of character,' but her sister-in-law, Lady Bessborough, writes from Althorp, 9 Jan 1810, writes from Althorp of 'her cleverness (which term peculiarly suits her in every way) ... coarseness of mind, as well as of expression ... intolerance ... the most extravagant abuse, the most unsparing scrutiny. Nothing escapes: character, understanding, opinions, dress, person, age, infirmity - all fall equally under [her] scalping knife.' She also mentions Lady Spencer's 'excellent understanding ... Political Asperity ... exterminating Virtue and stern Piety.' " Cockayne states, "the accounts of him and his wife in the Farington Diary run thus: 5 July 1794, 'Lord Spencer is considered as being very retired, as to his neighbours, in the country. He has withdrawn all political views of the Town of Northampton, and never interferes in their election ... [He] is much respected. Lady S. loves her ease, and is attached to her amusements;' and: 11 Nov 1816, 'The manner of Lord Spencer is dry; but Lady Spencer speaks upon any subject and with great confidence in Her own opinion ... she is become very large in Her person, and uses a stick while walking.' "

Children of Lady Lavinia Bingham and George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer:

John Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer b. 30 May 1782, d. 1 Oct 1845

Lady Sarah Spencer+ b. 29 Jul 1787, d. 13 Apr 1870

Hon. Richard Spencer b. 18 Oct 1789, d. 20 Jan 1791

Captain Hon. Sir Robert Cavendish Spencer b. 24 Oct 1791, d. 4 Nov 1830

Hon. William Spencer b. c 1792

Lady Harriet Spencer b. 1793, d. 1793

Lady Georgiana Charlotte Spencer+ b. 1794, d. 21 Feb 1823

Vice-Admiral Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer+ b. 14 Apr 1798, d. 27 Dec 1857

Very Reverend Hon. George Spencer b. 21 Dec 1799, d. 1 Oct 1864."

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