Mrs. Thomas Edwards Freeman (1758-1782), three-quarter-length, in a white satin gown with a pink wrap, seated on a sofa in an interior by Sir Joshua Reynolds (auctioned by Christie's)

According to thepeerage, they had a daughter Elizabeth who married one Sir Thomas Freeman-Heathcote, 4th Baronet. There is no trace of Mrs. Thomas Edwards Freeman in thepeerage.

From the Christie's Web site.

Magnification shows Mrs. Freeman's dress has a partlet section that creates a vee neckline bordered by a chain-like gold ornament to her right. It fills in a square neckline. Draped material fills in below the square neckline. Below that is the waist band announcing a shallow vee waistline. She appears to be wearing two wraps, one of pink satin and the other of gold patterned material. Her upper sleeves are flared and end in tight lowered sleeves.

Keywords:  Reynolds, Mrs. Thomas Edwards Freeman, Freeman family, high straight coiffure, ribbon headdress, partlet, vee neckline, bodice, square neckline, long upper flared tapered sleeves, cuffs, over-bodice, waist band, shallow vee waistline, full skirt, draped necklace, wrap

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