Marie Adrienne Francoise de Noailles, Marquise de La Fayette by ? (auctioned by Christie's)

According to her Wikipedia article, she "...married Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette.

They had four children: Henriette (1776–1778), Anastasie Louise Pauline du Motier (1777–1863), Georges Washington Louis Gilbert du Motier, (1779–1849), and Marie Antoinette Virginie du Motier (1782–1849)..." It is evident from the children's names that Gilbert was the Marquis de Lafayette involved in the American Revolution and the children were born before 1789.

From Wikimedia; numerous spots removed throughout the image with Photoshop by gogm.

Adrienne is dressed in keeping with mid 1780s fashion in this portrait.

Keywords:  Adrienne de Noailles, de Noailles family, du Motier family, high straight coiffure, feathered cap, square neckline, modesty piece, bertha

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