Lady dressed in Caraco, wearing a cap in Pouponne and mesh, decorated with tiger edgings designed by Claude-Louis Desrais, French, 1746–1816 and engraved by Nicolas Dupin

This copy comes from Boston, Massachusetts' Museum of Fine Arts, but the municipality of Versailles also has a copy.

Her coiffure is not sustainable, even if it has a mesh framework core unless she constantly leans her head forward. But the coiffure is gorgeous. The deep repeating pleats are called tiger stripes.

Keywords:  Desrais - Claude Louis, Dupin - Nicolas, French, high straight coiffure, cap, ruching, fichu, vee neckline, caraco, vee neckline, elbow length close sleeves, cuffs, close skirt, midi-length skirt, shoes, bracelets

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