Lady Charlotte Antoinette O'Brien of Thomond, 3ème. Duchesse de Praslin (1759-1808) by ? (location ?)

According to Wikipedia, "Thomond (Classical Irish: Tuadhmhumhain; Modern Irish: Tuamhain) was a kingdom of Gaelic Ireland, associated geographically with present-day County Clare and County Limerick, as well as parts of County Tipperary around Nenagh and its hinterland. The kingdom represented the core homeland of the Dál gCais people, although there were other Gaels in the area such as the Éile and Eóganachta, and even the Norse of Limerick. It existed from the collapse of the Kingdom of Munster in the 12th century as competition between the Ó Briain and the Mac Cárthaigh led to the schism between Thomond (North Munster) and Desmond (South Munster). It continued to exist outside of the Anglo-Norman controlled Lordship of Ireland until the 16th century.” Praslin is a commune in north central France.

Her genealogical article is here.

Fromświetliste-oświecenie/; enlarged 60%.

Lady Charlotte Antoinette O'Brien of Thomond, 3ème. Duchesse de Praslin (1759-1808) by ? (location ?) Fromświetliste-oświecenie/ X 1.6

Most portraits of women wearing fichus show opaque fichus, but this one is sheer making the neckline visible.

Keywords:  Charlotte Antoinette Marie Septimanie O'Brien of Thomond, duchesse de Praslin, O'Brien of Clare family, de Choiseul Praslin family, Duchess, French, curly bouffant coiffure, fichu, vee neckline, zone bodice, U-décolletage, long tight sleeves, lace flared cuffs

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