Jeanne Françoise de Valleton, Vicomtesse de Vogüé (1725-1806) by ? (location ?)

I cannot locate information about her although information about the de Valleton family is abundant.

Fromème-siècle/. There was a serious veiling reflection on both sides of the head that was removed with Photoshop. The image was also enlarged by half.

Jeanne Françoise de Valleton, Vicomtesse de Vogüé (1725-1806) by ? (location ?) Fromème-siècle/ redo background X 1.5

Mme. Valleton’s jacket appears to have an opaque bertha or lapels below the double lace bertha - or the jacket is trés décolleté.

Keywords:  Jeanne Françoise de Valleton, Vicomtesse de Vogüé, de Valleton family, Marquise, French, bouffant coiffure, choker neck band, bows, double-breasted jacket, lace bertha, vee neckline, lapels, capelet, long close sleeves, flared lace cuffs, buttons, pleated skirt, wrap

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