Elizabeth, Frances, Sarah, and Sophia Delaval all attributed to Edward Alcock (Seaton Delaval Hall - Tyne and Wear, Northumberland UK)

The portait to the left has the title "Elizabeth Delaval, Lady Audley (1757-1785), holding a book, with a water-spaniel, in a landscape." Her article in thepeerage is here. The middle left portrait is titled "Frances Delaval, the Hon. Mrs. Fenton Cawthorne (1759-1839), with a watercolour of a rose, in a landscape." A brief genealogy is found here. The center right image has the title "Sarah Delaval, Countess of Tyrconnel (1763-1800) with a white peahen, in a landscape." A genealogical sketch of Sarah, née Hussey, is found here. The portrait to the right is "Sophia Delaval, Mrs. Jadis (1755-1793), holding a Claude glass to the landscape." Her genealogical sketch is here. According to Wikipedia, a Claude glass is a darkened convex ("fisheye" effect) mirror.

Photos - John Hammond.

From nttreasurehunt.wordpress.com; spots removed from the images of Elizabeth, Frances, and Sarah Delaval with Photoshop by gogm.

Elizabeth and Frances wear almost identical dresses with criss-cross bodices secured with a waist band. Elizabeth's outer garment looks like court robes. Elizabeth wears a ribbon headdress adorned with a pearl rope. Frances, Sarah, and Sophia wear elaborate caps and ribbon headdresses while Elizabeth and Sarah's coiffures include feathers. Sarah wears a low-cut scoop neckline and mustard skirt under a brown-grey wrap while Sophia's over-dress has a tent bodice that becomes her over-skirt. The straight high and bouffant coiffures date to about 1780 or a little later.

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