Casaquin à la polonaise Louis XVI Printed stripes adorned, burgundy, white and yellow with red flowers with 11 small fabric covered buttons. Folds on back, ruffled on all edges (location unknown to gogm)

From; posted by Lya de Beaumont.

Is this a casaquin or some other form of jacket? A casaquin has short length (about mid-hip), a flared skirt, a fitted (like a robe à l'anglaise) and pleated back, may or may not have seams at the waist, 3/4 length of full-length sleeves, and close over a stomacher. By those criteria, this is a casaquin with a caraco back and a possible comperes front. The products of dressmakers and designers rarely fall into convenient categories (think about the infinite variety of sleeves and necklines in the images).

Keywords:  French, trapezoidal neckline, casaquin, ruching, long close sleeves, comperes front, buttons

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