ca. 1785 Pierrot jacket (Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City, New York USA) side and detail of peplum

This jacket has just a hint of flaring in the back to qualify it as a Pierrot. What is most interesting is the stripes are set to be straight when the arm is bent at about a 45-degree angle.

The Metropolitan Museum notes have this, "Differentiated from the full-fledged Pierrot costume, the Pierrot as a shaped bodice flourished in that gasp of Rococo sensibility and extreme silhouette of about 1780 - 1790. The flared peplum extension of the jacket below the waist and asymmetrically around the back allows for the bulbous billowing skirt of the period. The bodice includes self-fabric ruffles, which would have embellished the skirt as well. The simple low-necked bodice is characteristic of the period, comparable to the 'chemise à la reine.'

Keywords:  1785, French, jacket, Pierrot jacket, low neckline, long close sleeves, peplum, ruffles

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