ca. 1785 Mme Helflinger, née Marianne O'Dunne by Pierre Adolfe Hall (auctioned by Larsen)

According to, she was a Countess. The Google translation includes this "...miniature according to the commentator the Great Exhibition of 1906 when she appeared. Listed since 1905 under the title of Countess Helfinger born O' Dunne, this portrait represents Marianne O' Dunne, daughter of Jacques-Bernard O' Dunne (Kilkenny, Ireland, 1714- Paris, 1794), Ambassador of France in 1780 -1785 in Lisbon where he lived in great style. He obtained from King Louis XVI the sum of 220,000 pounds for both his return to France in 1785 to serve as the release of his debts. The young woman married Lorrain Jean-Frédéric Helflinger (Helfflinger) (Saint-Avold, to 1749-1815), who was secretary of embassy in Germany and responsible for business in Portugal in 1780-1787. Appointed by the King of France in Valais resident remained there during the Revolution (1788-1797) and was responsible for business ?? Dresden (1798-1 800), and Minister of France in Hesse-Darmstadt (1801-1812). The portrait dates from around 1785 and shows the background of the park, in subtle shades of white, pink and gray, tinted red carnation in her pale pink blouse, green sleeves and ribbons in her hair adorned with a veil and flowers."

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ca. 1785 Mme Helflinger, née Marianne O'Dunne by Pierre Adolfe Hall (auctioned by Larsen) From X 2

Hall portrays another 1780s Lady with a bouffant coiffure under a floral cap who is wearing a square décolletage without a fichu.

Keywords:  1785, Hall- Pierre Adolfe, Marianne O' Dunne, Mme Helflinger, O' Dunne family, Helflinger family, Countess, long bouffant coiffure, floral cap, veil, scarf, square neckline, elbow length full sleeves, arm bands, floral bodice ornament

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