ca. 1780 Juliane von Schaumburg Lippe by ? (location unknown to gogm)

According to her Wikipedia article,"The Government of Juliane is considered extremely beneficial. She conducted thorough reforms of the economy and education, downsized the court, continued the tolerant policy towards the Jews her father-in-law had introduced and managed to cut taxes. She appointed Bernhard Christoph Faust as her personal physician, and helped him significantly with the introduction of the smallpox inoculation." However, she died of a severe cold.

Dried paint tile borders reduced with Photoshop by gogm.

Juliane wears a sheer cap, flowers, and a diamond hair pin on her high coiffure and a square neckline framed by a lace ruffle. Small strands of shiny objects decorate her sleeve attachment and her bow.

Keywords:  1780, Juliane of Hesse Philippsthal, Juliane von Schaumburg Lippe, Hesse family, Schaumberg-Lippe family, Countess, German, high straight coiffure, cap, floral headdress, hair jewelry, square décolletage, modesty piece, lace, bows, frills, tight upper puffed sleeves, flounces, floral bodice ornament

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