ca. 1779-1780 Aleksandra and Izabela Potocka taking a stroll near to lake Albano by Carlo Labruzzi (Muzeum Pałac w Wilanowie - Warsawa Poland)

Lake Albano is in a volcanic crater, presumably a caldera, in Italy.

From Wikimedia.

These strollers wear casual dresses that their mother would not want them to wear away from the palace if they were still little girls. The Lady on the left wears a silk under-skirt and veil while the Lady on the right wears a feathered hat and organza-like over-skirt.

Keywords:  1779, Labruzzi, Elżbieta Lubomirska, Izabela Potocka, Aleksandra Potocka, Lubomirska family, Potocka family, long high straight coiffure, floral ribbon headdress, feathered hat, square neckline, ruffles, chemise, sweetheart neckline, bows, bodice, square neckline, waist band, over-skirt, three quarter length close sleeves, cuffs, ruching, three quarter length full sleeves, vee waistline, maxi-length skirt, shoes

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