ca. 1777 Dorothy, née Shafto Countess of Lisburne by Sir Joshua Reynolds (private collection)

Countess Dorothy's article in thepeerage, with a version of this image that I used for adjusting color of this Wikipaintings image, is here. The original Wikimedia image is biased towards yellow, even the book has buttery-colored pages. I lowered the temperature and shifted the color towards the blue and also used Photoshop to remove a few spots in the background.

Countess Dorothy looke every bit a Countess in casual yet luxurious satin dress and a towering pouff of hair above in this 1777 Reynolds portrait.

Keywords:  1777, Reynolds, Dorothy Shafto, Shafto family, Vaughan family, Countess, British, high straight coiffure, ribbon headdress, scarf, square neckline, long bottom-flared sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, brooch

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