1776 Lady Worsley by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Harewood House - Yorkshire, UK)

The Tate Collection has this about the portrait:  "Reynolds showed this portrait at the first exhibition in the Royal Academy's spectacular new home at Somerset House. It was clearly designed to make a strong impression."

Her Wikipedia article is here. The article includes Lady Worsley also made Tart of the Week in The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide.

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1776 Lady Worsley by Sir Joshua Reynolds (Harewood House - Yorkshire, UK) Wm trimmed

Lady Worsley is dressed in military style arising from the war the UK was fighting in the North American colonies. According to the Tate Collection, "Lady Worsley wears a tight-fitting riding costume, adapted from the uniform of her husband's regiment. War with the American colonies had produced a new fashion for women to wear masculine-style clothes, particularly uniforms. Reynolds has responded by adapting the conventions of male portraiture.

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