Baroness Matilde Guiguer de Prangins in her park at Lake Leman, by Jens Juel (Statens Museum for Kunst - København Denmark)

From Wikimedia. Photo - Daderot; reflections from flaws in the original work in the upper left suppressed with Photoshop by gogm.

Baroness Guiger de Prangins' coiffure thrusts up, not out, dating this to the late 1770s. Her dress has a tent bodice that extends out over her skirt as an over-skit. Ruched panels are used for edging throughout her dress.

Keywords:  Juel, Daderot, Matilde Guiger de Prangins, high straight coiffure, veil, square décolletage, modesty piece, bertha, ruching, bows, elbow length tight sleeves, cuffs, tent bodice, apron, full skirt, over-skirt, flounces, shoes

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