1789 Melanie de Forbin-Gardanne, Marquise de Villeneuve Flayosc by Jean-Louis Le Barbier Le Jeune (Galerie Eric Coatalem - Paris France)

Her genealogy can be seen here.

From pinterest.com-laudur-beloved-baroque-paintings. This portrait, or one just like it, is at the Ackland Museum in Chapel Hill, North Caroline, USA.

This portrait of the Marquise de Flayosc shows French fashion just as the deluge forecast by a worried Louis XV broke. Her dress is simple, but very opulent with mink-trimmed satin. The Robb Report had this note, "The paintings in Jack Kilgore & Co.’s Manhattan gallery rarely are by famous artists, but they are nonetheless compelling. One of Kilgore’s star attractions is a large oil portrait of a French aristocrat, Mélanie de Forbin-Gardanne, painted in 1789 in Italy by French artist Jean-Louis le Barbier le Jeune. Though obscure, the artist obviously possessed immense talent. “The mink and ermine trim on the dress is extraordinary,” says Jack Kilgore, president of the gallery. “The artist is clearly showing off.” The sitter, who wears a dreamy expression, is depicted with Louis XVI furnishings that broadcast her status to her peers. “To us, it looks antique, but to her, she was in the fast lane of fashion,” he says. Le Barbier le Jeune completed the portrait just as the French Revolution began, but the artist and sitter both escaped the guillotine; the former died in 1797 and the latter in 1841."

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