1786 Mary Boteler (c.1763–1852) by John Hoppner (Higgins Art Gallery & Museum - Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK)

This may be a genealogical reference for her with more information here. She bore 15 children.

From artuk.org; enlarged by half.

Mary Boteler (c.1763-1852)

Mary’s fichu forms a polka-dotted square with its neckline hidden beneath a bow. She wears a giant hat like the Duchess of Devonshire wore. The sleeves may be up turned as they were in the late 1880s.

Keywords:  1786, Hoppner, Mary Harvey, Mary Boteler, Harvey family, Boteler family, British, curly bouffant coiffure, feathered ribboned wide-brimmed hat, choker, neck band, fichu, bows, long sleeves, wrap

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