1785 Princess Cecilia Mahony Giustiniani (1740–1789) by Pompeo Batoni (Scottish National Gallery - Edinburgh, UK)

Her genealogical sketch is probably here.

From artuk.org.

1785 Princess Cecilia Mahony Giustiniani, Cecillia Charlotta Francesca Countess Mahony, (1740–1789) by Pompeo Batoni (Scottish National Gallery - Edinburgh, UK) From artuk.org

This sitter is dressed very casually, some what as sitters were for Lely and Kneller portraits from a century earlier.

Keywords:  1785, Batoni, Cecillia Charlotta Francesca Mahony, Countess Mahony, Princess Giustiniani, Mahony family, Giustiniani family, Countess, Princess, long straight coiffure, earrings, high neckline, collar, bows, full flared upper sleeves, arm bands, long tapered lower sleeves, flared cuffs, Swiss belt, close skirt, fan

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