1783 The Mall in St. James Park by Thomas Gainsborough (Frick Collection - New York City, New York USA)

Lucinda Brant Author's pinterest posting of a close up of the lower right group had this comment, "If Looks could Kill! Beautiful Young Things give each other the once over. while promenading. Is that a new shawl? Pair of shoes? Have I seen that fabric before? Is it French? Who is that with Lady S? Ah... The pressures of looking good in public!"

From Wikimedia.

Panniers? What are those? Pouffs - Yes. Shorter skirts - needed to walk on the dirt paths. Hats - de rigueur. A group of sitters at left and three groups of promenaders, with two exceptions show a preference for ankle length full skirts, straight coiffures with large curls, and wide extensively decorated hats in this 1783 Gainsborough.

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