1782 Anne Frederick, née Gregson, by James Northcote (sold by Roy Precious)

Some of Roy Precious' notes for this follow...

"...Mrs Frederick was born Ann Gregson, daughter of Francis Gregson: she married Thomas Lennox Frederick, son of the Honourable Charles Frederick, Knight of the Bath, in 1773, but they had no children. Born in London in 1750, Thomas had entered the navy in 1768. He was a lieutenant on HMS Ocean at the time of his marriage. Anne was known as 'an accomplished young lady and famed for her lively witticisms.' Thomas went on to become an admiral, dying in 1779.

Mrs. Frederick was godmother to Charles Bayley, only son of William Bayley. On her death, having no children, this portrait passed to the Bayleys of Stoke Damerall near Plymouth...

...This is a striking portrait showing the very latest fashions of the period, especially the hat. Women’s fashion in the late 1780s was characterised by hats of considerable size, frequently hung with veils and ribbons or decorated by feathers and perched atop a wig. The principal society portraitists all leave a remarkable record of such hats in their work of this period. In Gainsborough’s work the fashion so frequently occurs that this style of headgear is sometimes referred to as a Gainsborough hat. Sir Thomas Lawrence depicts similar fashions..."

From the Roy Precious Web site; size doubled.

1782 Anne Frederick, née Gregson, by James Northcote (sold by Roy Precious) X 2 #415072 see notes

Lady Anne looks prosperous and comfortable in this 1782 Northcote portrait wearing a large, but not gigantic, hat and a patterned wrap. Her dress appears to have a pouff behind so this may be a polonaise or circassienne dress.

Keywords:  1782, Northcote, Ann Gregson, Lady Anne Frederick, Gregson family, Frederick family, British, bouffant coiffure, feathered ribboned hat, wrap, full skirt, bows

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