1777-1792 Henrietta Boyle (1755/1756–1793), Mrs John O’Neill (?) attributed to William Hoare (Stourhead - Stourton, Warminster, Wiltshire, UK)

Her article in thepeerage is here.

From artuk.org; shadows slightly filled in.

Henrietta Boyle (1755/1756-1793), Mrs John O'Neill (?)

Henrietta looks almost like she threw her ensemble together. The major parts are the coat, with its unusual sleeves, and the neckerchief.

Keywords:  Hoare, Henrietta Boyle, Henrietta O’Neill, Boyle family, O’Neill family, British, curly coiffure, jeweled feathered headdress, neckerchief, trapezoidal neckline, chemise, lace modesty piece, long under-sleeves, cuffs, coat, draped jeweled bodice ornament, full elbow length upper over-sleeves, tight long lower over-sleeves, girdle, close skirt, wrap

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