1775 (after) Comte Jacques-Philippe de Choiseul-Stainville with his family by Charles Lepeintre (Versailles)

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The madameguillotine blog had this caption, "Detail from a painting featuring Françoise and her elder sister, Marie-Stéphanie with their aunt, the Duchesse de Choiseul and mother, the Comtesse de Stainville. Françoise is presumably the small girl in pink. I was very excited when I stumbled on this picture quite by chance a couple of years ago on the website of a French museum – the whole painting depicts Françoise’s father, the Comte de Stainville reviewing troops while his family watches." The article was about a scandal involving Françoise. The article begins, "Françoise-Thérèse was the daughter of unattractive, rather boorish army officer Jacques Philippe de Choiseul, Comte de Stainville and his beautiful wife, Thérèse de Clermont d’Amboise who married on 3 April 1761 in Paris when the groom was forty and his bride barely fifteen. Jacques was the younger brother of the powerful Duc de Choiseul, advisor to Louis XV while Thérèse was the daughter of the Marquis de Reynel. The match produced two daughters: Marie-Stéphanie on 10 November 1763 and Françoise-Thérèse on 8 December 1766. The marriage was not a happy one and both parties were unfaithful – Madame de Stainville was the long time mistress of her husband’s cousin, the Duc de Lauzun as well as enjoying liaisons with her brother in law, the Duc de Choiseul amongst others."

The Choiseul Ladies are fashionably dressed in sheaths, except for Françoise, with framed square necklines and high, wide coiffures. Even little Françoise wears a big coiffure.

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